Level Three

In this level, we will learn some more interesting strums, and definitely add new, harder,  chords.  We will reinforce your 3/4 time and 4/4 time strums.  And we will will greatly increase your variety of songs that you can play.  You will learn some picking patterns, and some theory about the musical universe, to help you learn to play power chords, and bass guitar.

Level Two

We are now at the level of my second year students.  We will start by adding the chord, G, which gives you a lot more songs to play.  We will also add a few new strums, in 3/4 and 4/4 time.  We will, though, reinforce much of what we learned in level 1, to warm up, and learn new chords, songs, and techniques.

Free Trial Courses

Let’s get started on your free trial. I’ve added a few lessons, and pointers to this section, so you can get started.

Technique Videos

In this video series you will find close up lessons on a few strumming patterns, picking patterns, tuning, using capos, and guitar types and sizes.



Learn Your First Chords & Play Your First Song